My definition —
A tech stack is an assortment of tools that are used cooperatively to materialise your project ideas. Specifically to developers, this would refer to your choice of programming languages, frameworks and libraries.

Without further ado…


When you first dig your teeth in to programming, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of resources and information you have available to you. Thankfully the majority of which are free, yet that only makes it harder to choose where to start or even what type of programming you want to learn. …

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” — Sun Tzu

The first post in this mini-series went over both a generalised and
developer-specific outlook of planning a project.
This post applies methods that I use in particular when piecing together ideas for code and will be in reference to my final Flatiron project.


Coming up with the right idea is where the real heart of the vision lies. You want to make sure your idea is both viable and possible with the resources at hand otherwise you are bound…

JS libraries are collections of tools that can provide extra functionality options to your application with ease of use.
There are many to choose from and can be categorised in to different avenues of functionality, some of which I will share in the following post



Part 1: CSS Libraries

What are libraries?

First off for the uninitiated, CSS is a styling language used to add aesthetics to websites while Javascript is a programming language built specifically to add interactivity and logic to the front-end.

Libraries are essentially bundles of code that are packaged to be used as an ‘easier path’ for achieving the results you want.
If you want to have a good selection of fonts, icons and visual detail on your site without spending the next two days writing multiple CSS pages. …

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

What is a plan anyway?

A definition by Cambridge English Dictionary

a set of decisions about how to do something in the future

My Definition

A strategic approach towards improving the circulation and implementation of ideas

Whichever definition you prefer, a plan can easily be interpreted as a set of processes that breakdown larger concepts in to smaller ones, allowing for better decisions and approaches as you progress through a project

Should I even?

Planning can seem all a bit redundant, in this day and age when we have many a tool that can alleviate the preparation…

The Effects of programming on your brain and mental state


We’ve all had moments in our lives when we’ve wondered how much longer we can carry on doing a particular task, whether you have been running 2 miles straight without a break, working through a dissertation or preparing a feast that you know will take you hours of commitment.

What we don’t realise is activities within our lives are almost always linked to some kind of skill and the journey involved in learning such a skill is literally a relationship.

A relationship that could take many months and years before…

This post assumes you have knowledge of:

  • Variables and data types
  • Iteration and Enumerables
  • Methods
  • Arrays

Programming is Art?

When I first started learning programming. I thought it was all logical statements and strict ‘computer speak’. I used to think that there was no room for any personalisation or signature style other than abiding by the original idea you conceptualised when creating a project.

Being one of many programmers who came from a musical background, I’m sure I am not alone in saying that programming doesn’t feel like an art-form nor does it have any room for art. …

Pascal Rassaby (Pas byNumbers)

An inquisitive programmer with a strong passion for Music and Technology. Building creative and intuitive code that hopefully doesn’t destroy anything :]

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